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What Are the Hidden Tricks of Fouad WhatsApp

Unlocking Extended Character Limits

One of the lesser-known features of fouad whatsapp is its ability to extend character limits for various fields. While the standard WhatsApp restricts status messages to 139 characters, Fouad WhatsApp expands this limit to 255 characters, giving users more space to express themselves. This trick is particularly useful for those who feel constrained by the brevity of traditional status updates.

Customize Every Aspect of Your Chat Experience

With Fouad WhatsApp, users can dive deep into customization not just in themes but also in the functionality of the app. You can alter the style and size of the chat bubbles and even the check marks. Each of these elements can be color customized to suit your style or mood, providing a level of personalization that goes far beyond the default settings available in the original app.

Privacy on Your Terms

One of the most powerful hidden tricks in Fouad WhatsApp is the ‘Anti-Delete Messages’ feature. When enabled, this feature prevents other users from deleting messages they’ve sent to you, even after they’ve pressed “Delete for everyone.” Essentially, you will still be able to see these messages, giving you a permanent record of the conversation. This feature is a game-changer for those who need to keep track of chat histories for personal or professional reasons.

Schedule Messages for Future Delivery

Fouad WhatsApp includes a message scheduling feature, which is incredibly useful for those who want to send messages at a specific time. Whether it’s sending a birthday wish right at midnight or setting reminders for a meeting, this feature ensures that you never forget to send an important message again.

Send Files Without Compression

Another significant trick is the ability to send images and videos in their original quality. Fouad WhatsApp allows you to send files up to 700 MB without compression, maintaining the quality of your photos and videos. This is a stark contrast to regular WhatsApp, which compresses images and videos, often degrading the quality.

Utilize Built-in App Lock

Privacy goes beyond message control; Fouad WhatsApp has an in-built app lock feature, which adds an extra layer of security. You can set a password, PIN, or fingerprint lock specifically for the app, which prevents unauthorized access to your messages.

Hidden View for Privacy

Fouad WhatsApp also features a ‘Hidden View Status’ which allows you to view someone’s status update without letting them know that you’ve seen it. This feature adds a layer of discretion to your social interactions, keeping your viewing habits private.

Comprehensive Control Over Group Chats

For those managing or participating in group chats, Fouad WhatsApp offers extended group features. You can control who can call you directly from the group, manage group message deletion rights, and even see a log of all activities occurring within the group.

Each of these tricks enhances the usability and functionality of Fouad WhatsApp, making it a robust tool for users who seek more from their messaging app. Whether it’s through better privacy controls, superior file handling, or extended customization, Fouad WhatsApp is tailored to fit the advanced needs of its users.